Bigg Boss 13: Due to this, Salman has not married yet, himself told how many girlfriends

Listening to Kajol, Salman says that "we will not have any problem because we do not speak anything other than truth." Kajol says that 'Both are so expert liars, so I thought this chair is perfectly right for both of you'. Seeing all this, Ajay Devgan says that 'What was needed was where in the world is there a larger lie detector than a wife'. Further Salman says that 'I am single for this reason'. Ajay Devgan tells them that 'be very lucky'.

When Salman sits in the lie-detector chair, Kajol asks, "Have you had less than five girlfriends?" Hearing this question of Kajol, Ajay Devgan says that 'at one time or in whole life?' On hearing this, Kajol starts laughing loudly. At the same time, both the green and red lights of the lie detector machine start burning. Kajol says that the 'heard detector' has also been confused.

On this question of Kajol, Salman Khan said that 'I have only five girlfriends in my whole life'. Ajay Devgan says, "But you said on TV that you are also a virgin?" Salman says, 'Yes. I am Till I get married. Kajol further says that 'this is a big lie'. Let me tell you that earlier in Karan Johar's show 'Koffee with Karan', Salman called himself a virgin.

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