Controversy over the film's earnings | Housefull 4

Akshay Kumar's comedy franchise film Housefull 4 has earned around 137 crores in a week. But initially the film got mired in controversies about showing increased earnings.
Rejecting these allegations, Akshay Kumar says "Housefull 4 is produced by Fox-Disney and is not a small company. This company makes a multi-million dollar film and Housefull-4 is not a very big film for them. Which they will lie for two-five crores. "

But do these things reduce credibility?
Akshay says this is not the case. According to him, "This kind of negativity does not affect me."

In an episode of Coffee with Karan, Ranveer Singh came with Akshay Kumar. Where he said that Akshay is his idol. But not only Ranveer Singh, many new generation artists consider Akshay as their ideal but Akshay himself does not want to be the benchmark for anyone.

He says, "I don't want to give any advice to young actors. They are very skillful. I don't want to be a benchmark for anyone. I have to be on par with them so that I can do more films."

Usually it happens that if a sequel of a film is made, then it has the same artist in it as the original film.

Many films of Akshay Kumar are being made sequels, but there are many of them which do not have Akshay himself.

The sequel of "Bhool Bhulaiyaa" is coming in which Karthik Aryan will be seen. Last year, the sequel of Akshay Kumar's hit film Namastey London appeared in "Namaste England", in which Arjun Kapoor appeared, although the fame was badly beaten.

Akshay expresses regret at not being part of the sequel to his hit films. He says "I was not a part of Welcome Back, Namaste England. I can only express my pity. I cannot force myself to cast someone to get me into a film. Every film has its luck and whatever I am lucky to find films.

Akshay Kumar follows the rules in choosing films. He says "I keep challenging myself as an actor and I am getting an opportunity to do this too."

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